Investment & Values

Alafis is interested in taking equity positions in agricultural supply and processing ventures, particularly in Africa.

We are interested in businesses that are:

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Producing value added exports
  • Taking care of the welfare of their workers and community
  • Run by local managers who have an interest in the business
  • Jointly owned with local people
  • Managed with good business practices and ethical principles
  • Providing skills transfer to local workers

Our aim is to bolster people in developing economies who are building their own businesses. We participate on the board to encourage good management practices for the long term of the enterprise. We partner with local managers and owners to help them maximize their return, and in so doing, reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

The best outcome for us is also the best outcome for the local people : Trade ! Achieving the best possible return on export markets for local commodities ensures the best possible return of wealth to the community and to the business owners. These outcomes benefit all the people in the local community, workers, suppliers and service providers alike.

Please contact ( to discuss investment opportunities.